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Snow's Up

Snows up


The nights are longer and the weather's on the turn, which for adrenaline junkies can only mean one thing: it's winter sports season and with the new line-up of GoPros you'll be ready to capture the magic whether you're spectating or taking part

There's nothing more magical than a white Christmas but there's no one who hopes for a bit of snow more than a winter sports fan. Whether you're travelling abroad in search of some white ground coverage or crossing fingers for a bit of snowfall back home, the weather might not be predictable but the brand spanking new line-up of GoPros puts in a performance that is. The GoPro HERO, GoPro HERO4 Silver and GoPro HERO4 Black are designed to impress with a range of capabilities to suit all needs, in all weather.


With all the bells and whistles, the GoPro HERO4 Black sits at the top of the range offering up ultra high 4K30 resolution and 1080p120 high frame rate video - that's 2x faster video frame rates than ever before, creating footage that's super sharp, extra rich and even more detailed. The HERO4 Silver is the touchscreen action cam that pairs interactivity with 1080p60 and 720p120 video capture that can more than keep up with your fast-paced adventures on or off the slopes.

Both the HERO4 Black and Silver benefit from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook your cam up to your smart device for a remote live view of your footage and complete control over all functions and settings. You can even show off your skills to your mates by sharing your videos via email or Facebook. With dark nights arriving even earlier, now's the perfect time to test out the Black and Silver's new Night Photo and Night Lapse Modes which let you capture campfire shenanigans or shoot the stars with customisable exposure settings for single and timelapse photos.

Ultra-easy to use and ready for action, the GoPro HERO is a highly capable entry-level action cam. To get started simply press one button which will power on the camera and start recording, no fiddling around just quick off the mark, effortless shooting keeping you ready to record everything from ice rink escapades to first-person perspective snowball fights in an instant. Even if you're caught in a bit of rain - or with a bit of luck some snow - the latest models in the GoPro line-up are all waterproof so you can carry on capturing regardless.


There's no need for frozen fingers or clumsy glove operation, the GoPro action cameras are lightweight and with a choice of extensive accessories, they can be customised to suit the way you want to shoot. Skiers, snowboarders and the like can indulge in a little firstperson video perspective using the GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip or the GoPro Chest Mount Harness. Mount the GoPro to the front of your sledge using one of the GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts or go handheld with the GoPole Reach selfie stick. With the three latest GoPro releases and their extensive accessories, the winter world is your oyster.

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