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Pocketable power

Pocketable power

Compacts have long been renowned as the easy-to-use cameras that are great for point-and-shoot photography. Canon has taken the concept of a compact and created a game-changing range that not only offers the pick-up-and-go quality compacts are traditionally favoured for, but also out-of-this world shooting power and top-quality fixed lenses. With Canon, there's a compact that's suitable for every need and every level of photographer, from beginners looking for something that's user friendly but top quality through to pros after a second camera that's reliable, versatile and light enough to carry anywhere.


The PowerShot G1 X Mark II is the compact that will satisfy the demands of even the pickiest of pro photographers. It achieves DSLR-level quality because of its large 1.5-type sensor that captures 12.8-megapixel images through an ultra-wide, 5x optical zoom lens. Perfectly precise and super sharp, the G1 X Mark II sets the bar high for compacts, delivering beautiful bokeh backgrounds and excellent subject isolation. Primed and ready for both pros and enthusiasts, the PowerShot G7 X gives you creative control over your images, just like you'd get with an interchangeable lens camera. Designed with dedicated dials to control exposure compensation and to customise as you please, there's also a control ring for intuitive shooting. Behind the G7 X's cool exterior, there's a DIGIC 6 processor and a 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor that work together to produce images of exceptional quality even in low light.

You don't need to lug around a range of lenses to get the results you're looking for, the handy G7 X is fitted with a bright f/1.2-2.8 lens that ensures that whatever you turn your camera to, you'll capture it in exceptional detail. It's also equipped with a built-in ND filter, which is invaluable for shooting in daylight with slower shutter speeds, it particularly excels when capturing moving water.

The PowerShot G16 is a great allrounder, offering you high imaging quality with a well-thought out range of creative options and settings. To start at its centre, it's fitted with a CMOS sensor which captures images in 12.1-megapixels through its bright lens. For videos that you'll want to play back over and over again, the G16 records in stunning full HD quality or if you want to freeze the frame for fast scenes, it can capture images at speeds of up to 9.3fps. Photograph mesmerising starry nightscapes or breathtaking star trails by activating the inbuilt Star Mode. The photo opportunities are truly endless.

After you've taken those once-in-alifetime photos, you won't want to keep them to yourselves. All three compacts are Wi-Fi connected, so you can transfer those special moments straight to your smartphone ready to share online with your friends and family. There isn't much these pocketable powerhouses can't do.

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