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First class footage

First class footage

New advances are being made in imaging every day as companies strive to provide both photographers and videographers with even higher standard specs in every respect. It isn't often though that technology is developed that creates a real buzz in the industry - and with consumers too - but with the release of cameras with 4K video recording capabilities the excitement was almost tangible. Panasonic is at the forefront of 4K technology, having released two world first cameras of their kind to feature 4K, the GH4 and the FZ1000, as well as the 4K-enabled compact, the Lumix LX100.

4K sounds impressive, but what does it really mean? The majority of cameras offer full HD technology, but with 4K, the GH4, FZ1000 and LX100 can record video footage that is four times that resolution. The resulting movies are not only incredibly detailed, but are also rendered in amazing true-to-life colour unlike anything seen before.

As well as its ability to record in 4K, the GH4 also impresses with other advanced tech specs too. Made as the perfect outdoor companion, this high-performance CSC is truly portable and has a durable dust proof, splash proof and weatherproof body that lets you carry on shooting even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Adding to its top credentials, it's kitted out with a blisteringly fast Venus Engine and a new Live MOS sensor. You can also grab sharp, detailed still images from your 4K footage that can be printed up to A3 size.


With the FZ1000 too, you no longer have to wrestle between shooting the perfect still and capturing that priceless scene as a 4K video. Helping you make the most of its applause-worthy video prowess, this bridge camera lets you record in 4K whilst enabling you to extract stills equivalent to eight-megapixel images from your footage - there's no compromise, you can have both professional footage of broadcast-like quality and capture those spur-of-the-moment scenes as a high-quality still image.

Combining a Micro Four Thirds sensor with a fast 24mm Leica lens, the Lumix LX100 is a compact like no other. Outperforming its class, this smart cam captures images in exceptional detail and clarity with attractive smooth, blurred backgrounds. The power really is in your hands with the LX100, which gives you the creative reins thanks to its manual controls, enabling you to adjust focus, aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, all with the handling of a top-end camera. Much like its bigger brother, the FZ1000, you can also take eight-megapixel stills from your 4K footage.

All three Panasonics have fantastic top-end specs tailored for different styles of shooting, but what they do have in common - and the feature that's got everyone talking - is incredible 4K video recording technology that delivers the footage that'll really wow.