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Better Faster Stronger

Imaging companies are constantly pushing boundaries, trying to provide the ultimate solution for photographers and videographers who are looking for better quality, faster results and more lightweight bodies. No one however has quite achieved this like Samsung. The latest release in their compact system camera line-up, the NX1 is their most advanced model on the market and features groundbreaking technologies and capabilities that put it in a league of its own.


The NX1's supremely quick DRIMe V processor takes autofocusing to another level - it can lock on to your subject in a jaw-dropping 0.055sec. If you're out chasing the ultimate action shot, whether it's motorbikes, wildlife, or runners that are your subjects of choice, this reactive CSC's Continuous AF system uses on-sensor phase-detection pixels and accurate predictive algorithms to capture even the fastest-moving subjects in perfect focus. Taking it that step further, you can even fire away at speeds of up to 15fps, capturing up to 70 full 28-megapixel resolution JPEGs at a time.

Not only is this fast performer an adrenaline junky's best friend, but if you're after videos that are big on quality the NX1's 4K capabilities offer you four times the quality of Full HD footage. It can also record in ultra high definition (UHD), delivering 3840x2160 pixel frames at 30p. Keeping you filming for as long as you need, the NX1 records 4K quality footage but at half the size of other 4K-compatible models so you can record twice as much onto your SD card.

On the outside, it's rugged and built to withstand the rigours of all-day shooting. Despite being incredibly lightweight, it's magnesium-alloy design makes for a hardy construction. Strategically placed rubber seals mean that the NX1 is dust proof and water-resistant, so its ready to go regardless of the weather.

With a string of extra functions, from Wi- Fi connectivity to a tiltable touchscreen, the NX1 is the high-performing, actionready and flexible camera that's right at the forefront of imaging technology.