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Winter Outdoor Portraits

Winter Outdoor Portraits

You know the drill: as soon as the first flakes fall from the sky, everyone rushes out into the cold to sledge the nearest slope, dodge a snowball attack and try their hand at building snowmen. Here's our advice for capturing the best possible pictures of your friends and family while they're enjoying al fresco frosty fun this season.

1. Act natural

The best pictures are often taken when your subject doesn't realise: that way you get their most natural expressions. Stay near your friends and keep snapping away throughout a snowball fight - if you pop your camera into Drive Mode (where you take lots of pictures with one press of the shutter) you'll be sure to capture a moment. Remember - you'll need to pack plenty of memory cards!

2. Fill the frame

Although the landscape might look tempting to capture, use your camera's zoom to get right up close to your subject and fill the whole of your shot with detail and colour. Focus on your subject's eyes and keep them sharp for a truly excellent portrait. To minimise any camera shake from knocking it mid-shot, try a Hähnel Remote Cable Release for only £19.99, see page 120 for more details.

3. Jump in

If your friends are all wrapped up against the cold, chances are that they'd be happy to lie on the snow for a few moments while you take a great group photo! Stand above your friends and get them to put their heads together while they lie down. Watch out for your own shadow or your reflection in their glasses. Grab several shots while they're on the floor so you don't miss the shot!


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