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Capturing Indoor Portraits

Capturing Indoor Portraits

Too chilly to head outside? Keep yourself cosy and still capture beautiful portraits with our guide to using your home as a background.

The festive season is a perfect opportunity to take pictures of your friends and family - but if you don't fancy bundling up to head into the frozen landscape, never fear! There are plenty of creative picture ideas to be found around your home without having to set foot outdoors. Here's just a few suggestions to get your ideas flowing so you can make the most of these photo opportunities.


1. Change your perspective

You might think that there are no backgrounds to be found in your house, but if you drop down low you can find many other options. Ask your subject to lie on the carpet
and use your camera's zoom to get in close to fill the frame - then focus on their eyes and you'll have an unusual, striking portrait.


2. A room with a view
Placing your subject near a window is a frequently given piece of advice for a reason:
the soft light from outside can transform a portrait and is an almost guaranteed  route to great pictures. Once you've found your spot, pop a tripod under your camera so you can take pictures of new subjects without adjusting your camera settings.


3. The personal touch

The great thing about taking pictures at home is that you've got access all areas - which might be off limits to other photographers. Don't forget to capture candid,  everyday moments, as these can turn out to be the most meaningful pictures.

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