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Capture the Light

Capture the Light

At sunrise and sunset, the sky is filled with gorgeous colours, so get ready to make the most of it with your camera.

1. A golden opportunity

Sunrise and sunset are beautiful times of day and at this time of the year, it's quite easy to get a shot of either - just pop out before breakfast or after dinner. It's also easy because you don't need any fancy kit or techniques. A tripod will come in handy
for steady long exposures. Technique wise, the most important thing is not to rush it. The golden hours are when the sun rises and sets, where you will see the colours in the sky change, creating plenty of chances for vibrant shots, so take full advantage.

2. Silhouette

To get a dark, striking subject against a sunset, use spot metering and take a reading from the bright background. This will render your subject as a dark outline. Choose an easily recognisable subject for your silhouette - people work really well, as do trees, pylons and church spires - and start snapping!

3. Exposure experiment

Most of the time, modern cameras are great at automatically setting exposure, but for more precise shots, try switching from auto exposure mode to apertureor shutter-priority. Another useful trick to ensure you get a nicely balanced shot is exposure bracketing. Most interchangeable lens cameras have this feature; usually it takes three shots, one with spot-on exposure, then another underexposed and one overexposed, and you simply pick the one you like the best. Check your camera's manual to find out exactly how to use yours.

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