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Best for blogging

Joining the popular PEN range of cameras and the latest offering strutting its stuff in the Olympus lineup is the retro-inspired and fashion-focused PEN E-PL7. Olympus user and fashion blogger Laetitia Wajnapel of www.mademoisellerobot. com describes her PEN as "the ultimate fashion blogger camera" - and it's easy to see why. Designers of the iconic range of Olympus PEN cameras took inspiration from the catwalk, understanding that those with a creative eye for style, as well as for photography, don't want a bulky, tacky camera spoiling their carefully crafted appearance.

With a cool metal body, engraved front and luxury styling that gives a nod to vintage chic, the E-PL7 is available in three colours that will never go out of fashion: standout white, classic silver or black. Weighing in at 357g it's lighter than a large bar of chocolate, making it so easy to take with you everywhere, as well as slipping into the smallest of handbags along with lenses and accessories - without weighing you down, or cramping your style.


But it's not just about looking good - this little camera is confident of its quality and spec too. Cramming in plenty of advanced functions and features such as fast start-up and autofocus, and with its LCD touchscreen that flips down and around, you can easily frame and shoot a series of pre-timed, sequential still or video selfies without your hand ever blocking the shot and ruining your picture. You don't even need to be holding the camera, as thanks to the Olympus Image Share app you can shoot remotely from your smartphone or tablet, with a simple, subtle tap - perfect for outfit of the day shots, or for when you're blogging solo.

Forget about the basic filters on your smartphone and get the look you want, in-camera with Live Guide. Use its sliding scale to intuitively adjust settings and check the effect of your changes in real time before releasing the shutter. Live Guide makes it easy to achieve sophisticated, pro-standard effects like bokeh (background blur). Get creative with 14 Art Filters, including the new Vintage and Partial Colour, which both include delicately nuanced settings for fine-tuning your shots.


Supplied with a 14-42mm lens, the E-PL7 is instantly ready for action, but you could choose to partner your new PEN with any number of luscious lenses. The Olympus OM-D and PEN interchangeable lens line-up gives you access to a huge range of optics, all compatible with this little PEN model. The 45mm f/1.8 portrait lens is a firm favourite with bloggers like Julia Rebaudo of and Ella Gregory of for its deliciously smooth bokeh and bright, clear pictures.

As well as being able to use the free Olympus Image Share app for remote shooting, it also doubles as a quick way to transport your images straight from your camera to your smartphone or device, super fast and at a web-friendly size - ideal for the dedicated fashionista to stay ahead of the crowds and on top of the trends. It couldn't be easier. Once you've paired the camera and your phone using a QR code on the PEN's screen all you need to do is tap a button on the LCD; connect your phone to the camera's Wi-Fi; tap into the app and select your shots to download. Done. Now it's time to start spreading some envy online...


As well as multiple lens options, there's also a range of beautifully designed accessories including retro-styled matching body jackets, lens caps and straps in sumptuous, head turning leather. How will you style yours?