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Maximise your creative potential

Maximise your creative potential

The Sony A7S is the camera that everyone's been talking about, and for all the right reasons. Fitting right in the palm of your hand, this pocketable CSC is amongst the most powerful and capable cameras of its kind. It is in fact one of the smallest full-frame interchangeable lens cameras around and the impressive specs don't stop there.

Engineers at Sony have developed in the A7S the world's first full-frame sensor capable of full pixel read-out on 4K video and that's just one of the features that makes the A7S the perfect portable package for photographers and videographers alike.


The 'S' in the A7S stands for sensitivity and it certainly delivers on that front. The 12.2-megapixel full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor offers maximum flexibility, with not even a lack of light able to restrict your artistic range. For stills it has an ISO range from 50 right up to a phenomenal 409,600 whilst for videos it ranges from 200 to 409,600, offering minimal noise, exceptional ultra-fine detail and limitless photo and video opportunities whatever the brightness.

Behind every great sensor is a powerful processor, and the A7S is no exception. A BIONZ X processor takes the guesswork out of the equation. It provides exceptionally high-speed processing power that accurately reproduces textures and details in real time so you can see a true-to-life representation of your composition before you've even pressed the shutter button. That's not all this powerhouse of a processor brings to the table, it also supports the A7S's newly developed hybrid autofocus, which reacts in lightning quick time with more accurate results than ever before.

The A7S is the pocketable, high performance solution that serious videographers have been waiting for. As well as being able to shoot in 4K, you can also create Full HD videos and for the first time in a camera XAVC S Full HD recording at 50Mbps is possible for extremely high-quality footage with minimal noise. Get even more innovative with your movies in the APS-C crop mode which records at a high-frame rate of 120fps to create stunning 5x slow-motion effects in HD. Plug in your headphones to monitor the sound quality, checking the levels with the display control during recording or playback so you can be assured that you've got the audio spot on, there and then.


The A7S is the CSC that pushes boundaries and knocks down walls, freeing photographers and videographers to reproduce their vision unrestrained by the capabilities of their camera. Being an E-mount camera, the range of lenses available undoubtedly matches the A7S in terms of quality, giving you sophisticated results across the board. Who would have thought all this and more was possible from such a small package?