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Breaking the mould

Breaking the mould

Changing preconceptions of what a professional camera looks like and how it performs, the Lytro Illum is the result of innovative, outside-the-box thinking. Your imagination is the only limit with this new breed of camera. The revolutionary technology stems from the very centre of the Illum, where a customised 40-megaray sensor captures the entire light field: that's every ray, its colour, brightness and intensity. Unlike any other camera before it, those images are all recorded at f/2 through its fixed aperture lens. Editor of Advanced Photographer, Will Cheung explains more about the groundbreaking design after he put the Illum through its paces for a full-test feature in issue 51 of the magazine.


"As traditional photographers we are used to selecting a lens aperture to suit the result we want," he begins. "On the Illum the lens has just one aperture, f/2, but despite this when you process the files (each around 55MB) in the free Lytro Desktop software you can adjust the look of the image within an aperture range of f/1 to f/16. What's more with the lens's ability to focus to literally 0mm from the lens front (at the shortest focal length) to infinity, without having to switch modes, the potential for the creative (moving) imagemaker is considerable."



Compose your images in 3D by forgetting about traditional photographic considerations such as aperture and depth-of-field and concentrating on the focus of the objects in the frame. The magic then happens in Lytro's editing software where you can adjust the aperture, controlling the depth-of-field onscreen, giving you the exact results you want.

The Illum is not like any camera you've ever used before; it redefines what's photographically possible and truly brings your images to life.

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