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A guide to choosing your perfect photography companion


Matt Pumphrey

Jessops Professional
Matt is a hardware buyer at Jessops and has his enthusiasm for photography makes him the perfect guy to motivate you into taking unusual shots in a wide variety of unusual situations.
A guide to choosing your perfect photography companion

Over recent months the choice for anyone looking to buy or upgrade their cameras has expanded, with a whole new category of camera coming to the fore.

To help and guide you through choosing your perfect photographic companion we have come up with a quick guide to each camera type.

DSC - Digital Stills Camera

Digital compact cameras offer ultra portability, delivering an easy fit in any bag or pocket. A real go anywhere, discrete photo solution. With its automated controls, fixed or zoom lenses, these cameras takes the strain: allowing you to concentrate on framing that all important shot.

Recently, DSC innovation has developed both high zooms combined with wide angles and high sensitivity sensors have encouraged the DSC user to explore a whole new world of low light photography, without impacting upon overall camera size.

Digital compacts offer a great way to get into photography, however you may find their fixed lenses and flash coverage limited. If this is the case, have a look at Compact System Cameras.

Take a look at our range of Digital Compact Cameras here.

DSLR - Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras

Digital SLRs offer you ultimate control and flexibility, With a large range of interchangeable lenses from Macro (close distance), Wide Angle (dramatic wide shots), through to long distance telephoto (great for sports or wildlife), as well as a selection of flashguns and supporting accessories that are designed to allow you to tailor your photo kit to the particular demands and style of photography.

Don't think, that DSLR's are just for budding Professionals. The latest models from Canon, Nikon, Sony; and Pentax offer first time users the ability to let the camera take full control whilst delivering stunning images. Some cameras even offer you a guide to improve your photography before you shoot.

Digital SLRs have much larger sensors than DSCs and as a rule of thumb deliver much cleaner and sharper images. Thanks to enhanced Auto focusing, higher quality in camera processing and 'faster' brighter optics delivering those tell tale diffused backgrounds.

DSLRs have larger sensors, offering maximum flexibility and control, large system support including lenses, flashguns and raft of supporting accessories, allowing you to tailor your camera kit to your particular type of photography.

However as a negative they are much larger in size than compact cameras. DSLRs offer greater versatility and a wider system support than CSC's they offer more stability using longer telephoto lenses.

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CSC - Compact System Cameras

Compact System Cameras offer a stylish alternative to a digital SLR, delivering superb image quality, without the loss of a compact's small size. CSCs blend the portability and usability of a compact camera with the creative control and interchangeable lenses of a Digital SLR system.

Now having the ability to take still images and video is easily within your grasp without looking like the Paparazzi.

Compact System Cameras are ideal if you are looking for a more stylish alternative to a DSLR without losing the ability to change lenses or tailor your system. Key Brands are Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus and Ricoh.

Compact System Cameras offer:

  • System Compatibility and expandability
  • HD Video with sound
  • Sensor sizes the same as a DSLR
  • Familiar shooting style and user interface as experienced with a compact camera
  • Great for Social photography, holidays and families

If you're looking for a stylish more pocketable alternative to a DSLR or want an all in one camera that offers stunning stills and video performance combined with system expandability, then look no further than a Compact System Camera.

Take a look at our range of Compact System Cameras here.